Sanmarine choice: skincare items by skin type

We as a whole need to have sound and lovely skin. For best outcomes, the items should be chosen accurately. If not, they won't create the ideal outcome. Yet, what is required for this? We reply - you want to realize your skin type.

Deciding skin type.

There is a simple method for figuring out what kind of skin you have. To do this, you just need a paper napkin:

We clean up yet don't utilize care items.

We are sitting tight for 3-4 hours.

We take a dry paper towel and wipe your face completely, attempting to cover all regions. From the outcome got on the napkin, you really want to finish up:

Dry skin - the tissue stays dry, without follows or oily stains.

Typical skin - scarcely observable fat spots showed up on the napkin.

Slick skin - after a short testing time, the wipe is vigorously soaked with fat.

Mix skin - assuming the napkin shows inordinate fat emission in the t-formed zone.

One more kind of delicate skin can be touchy. This type responds with redness even to a minor aggravation. Additionally, with age, skin type can change contingent upon hormonal levels, climatic circumstances, or way of life.

Ordinary skin

Such skin needs creams without a forceful impact on the epidermis. It is important to purify with froth, milk, or gel. We suggest our blockbuster - DEEP CLEANSER GEL. Then eliminate the remainders of beauty care products with a tonic and complete the system with a cream. In this, we offer WHITE OYSTER CREAM. As well as saturating the skin, it additionally restores it.

Dry skin

Dry skin is inclined to redness, stripping, and aggravation. Accordingly it requires upgraded nourishment and hydration.

It is important to purge the skin with froths, milk, or gels, which carefully eliminate beauty care products and simultaneously mellow.

For day cream, utilizing items with a lightweight structure is best.

Night cream ought to contain regular oils for improved sustenance during rest.

We have fostered the SKIN FOOD line, particularly for dry skin.

Slick skin

Slick skin has huge pores that are frequently obstructed, causing skin break out and irritation. This skin is less inclined to wrinkles, yet just consideration will assist this sort with looking lovely. You ought to:

Use creams with a lightweight or gel structure.

Use for extra purifying tonics and moisturizers with a matting impact.

Involving covers for sleek skin.

Slick SKIN line is now hanging tight for you!

Mix skin

The most well-known skin type. Really focusing on such skin is very interesting, however you can do it with the assistance of our instruments.

To purify and condition the skin, use - FRESHNESS TONER.

Tenderly wipe the regions with expanded sebaceous organs with a tonic for slick skin - PURIFYING TONER.

Touchy skin

Touchy skin type can be ascribed to any fundamental ones, however with an expanded inclination to outside boosts. With legitimate consideration, you can disregard the issues with this kind of skin.

On our site, you can find an entire line of items that will assist you with extensively focusing on delicate skin.

Anything that skin type you have, consistently do obligatory purging, conditioning, and saturating strategies. Delightful and very much prepared skin discusses love for yourself!

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