Science and Technology for UPSC

Science and Technology is one of the disciplines of present day science under which, we learn about the different advancements, their applications, and the improvement drove by these innovations. Science and Technology additionally incorporates a wide scope of points like Space Science Technology, Biotechnology, Nanotechnology, Defense Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Information Technology, E-foundation, and so on. By considering the variety of the discipline, we have ordered this instructional exercise into various sections for simple understanding.


This App is planned solely for the understudies getting ready for various cutthroat tests, for example, common administrations, banking, rail route, qualification test.


Themes Covered in this App are Listed Below




Job of Science and Technology in Today's Life


Job of Science and Technology In India


India: Development of Science and Technology


Science and Technology Policy in India


Data Technology


Components: Information Technology


Digital Crime and Cyber Security


E-Infrastructure in India


Computerized reasoning


Correspondence Technology


Space Science and Technology






Sea Technology


Atomic Technology


Thermal power in India


Thermal power by Country


India Nuclear Program


India Defense Technology


Space Exploration - Timeline


Satellites Launched by India


Indian Space Research Organizations


Unfamiliar Satellites Launched by India


Government Space Agencies



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