Positioned: The Best-Selling Video Game Consoles of All Time


In 1972, the very first economically accessible home computer game control center hit the market — the Magnavox Odyssey. Players of the Odyssey had a decision between two underlying games that were put away straightforwardly in the gadget, and would involve a joystick and dials as a regulator.

Computer game control center have progressed significantly from that point forward, and the control center market has developed into an extravagant industry that is supposed to reach $72.67 billion in esteem toward the finish of 2022.

This realistic by Enrique Mendoza involves information from VGChartz to show the market chiefs in the business, by featuring the top-selling video control center ever, as of May 8, 2022.

Nine Generations of Video Game Consoles

Prior to plunging into the top-selling consoles, it merits returning a stage to address the development of home control center to show how they've changed throughout the long term.

We dove into the writing on the historical backdrop of computer game control center, and found that most articles and blog entries on the point refer to nine distinct ages of gadgets.

Here is a breakdown of every age, and a portion of their most vital frameworks:

1972: Gen One, Where it Began

Consoles in the original had pre-constructed games that were put away straightforwardly on the gadget. They incorporate the Magnavox Odyssey and Atari's Pong.

1976: Gen Two Emerges

In this age, games were sold independently, as opposed to modified into the gadget. Control center of this gen incorporate the Fairchild Channel F and the Atari 2600.

1983: Gen Three, the "8-digit Generation"

This period's control center commonly had 8-bit processes which took into account further developed designs for the time. A couple of striking control center during this gen were the Sega SG-1000 and the Nintendo Famicom, delivered external Japan as the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES).

1987: Gen Four Elevates Handheld Gaming

Home control center were delivered with 16-bit frameworks, implying that sound and illustrations worked on significantly more in this period. However, a seemingly greater second for this gen was the development of the Nintendo Game Boy.

1993: The 3D Start of Gen Five

This age saw the get away from pixels and towards 3D polygons. A few control center like the Sony PlayStation began utilizing CD-ROMs rather than cartridges, which put away more information at a less expensive expense and changed the business.

1998: Gen Six and the Internet

Toward the beginning of this age, the three central parts in the control center space were Sony, Sega, and Nintendo. By and by, Sega would be supplanted with Microsoft as it sent off the Xbox and promoted internet based console gaming.

2005: HD Graphics and Motion Controls of Gen Seven

On one side of the market, Microsoft and Sony were rivaling top quality illustrations, quicker processers, and various structures (Blu-beams or DVDs). However, Nintendo's movement detecting Nintendo Wii seemingly characterized this age, and the handheld Nintendo DS cleared the market also.

2012: Gen Eight's Modern Consoles

Control center of this time began having expanded availability and handling power, with full HD an assumption. It was additionally an incredibly lengthy age, beginning with Nintendo's ineffective Wii U and finishing with the super effective Nintendo Switch, generally viewed as the main crossover console with three distinct ways of playing: TV mode, handheld mode, or tabletop mode.

2020: Gen Nine and Beyond

Up until this point, this age has brought redesigned designs (up to 8K goal), bigger games, and game-streaming capacities. Gadgets in this gen incorporate the Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5, which both utilize strong state drives to speed up and execution, while Nintendo still can't seem to present a ninth era gadget.

The Best-Selling Game Consoles

The top of the line computer game control center ever is Sony's PlayStation 2 (PS2). In excess of 157 million frameworks have been sold all over the planet since its send off in March 2000.


Rank Console Manufacturer Global lifetime deals (millions)

1 PlayStation 2 (PS2) Sony 157.68

2 Nintendo DS (DS) Nintendo 154.90

3 Game Boy (GB) Nintendo 118.69

4 PlayStation 4 (PS4) Sony 116.97

5 Nintendo Switch (NS) Nintendo 107.21

6 PlayStation (PS) Sony 102.50

7 Nintendo Wii (Wii) Nintendo 101.64

8 PlayStation 3 (PS3) Sony 87.41

9 Xbox 360 (X360) Microsoft 85.8

10 Game Boy Advance (GBA) Nintendo 81.51


In spite of the reality the PS2's been ended starting around 2013, no other gaming console has figured out how to top it — as a matter of fact, the following nearest effectively sold consoles, the PS4 and Nintendo Switch, are every in excess of 40 million units behind.

One main consideration for the PS2's prosperity was its implicit DVD player. At that point, DVD players were extravagant, and in many spots a PS2 was a less expensive and powerful other option. It was additionally perhaps the earliest gadget to be "in reverse viable," meaning clients could play the majority of their PS1 games on the PS2. This implied players didn't need to purchase an entirely different library of games when they did the change to a PS2, and Sony could take advantage of its current client base.

Yet, while Sony's PS2 is the top-selling console on the rundown, Nintendo has more top-selling consoles on the rundown — close to half of the control center on the rundown are produced by Nintendo (11), while just seven are made by Sony.

What Will it Take to Out-Sell the PS2?

As the PS4 has begun assuming a lower priority in relation to the PS5 in deals and advancement, the ongoing no doubt competitor for the smash hit console crown is the Nintendo Switch. Right on time in 2022, it was the quickest control center to sell 100 million units.

With heaps of promotion around the conceivable outcomes of AR and VR, it'll be intriguing to see what new elements accompany the up and coming age of gaming consoles.

Will future gadgets at any point beat the PS2's record-breaking deals? The truth will surface eventually. Be that as it may, until further notice, the 22-year-old control center keeps on holding its all around procured spot at the top.

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