Hi there, I have been asked to write a fiction story for this week’s publication of the Vocal Fiction Writing Challenge. The prompt is to “write about someone who is not in your area” and we’re going to be talking about Tela who lives with her husband. Her name is Tella and she has three adult kids who are grown up now. They are all teenagers. I know you can tell that they haven’t really changed into adulthood yet but there are some major differences between them as adults. As we’ve gotten into our relationship over the last few months it becomes more apparent that Tella seems to have taken on a lot of the personality role of their parents. However this does mean that she takes on a sort of maternal nature and responsibility in how she wants things to flow and that doesn’t always go how we like it to. On top of having two little children, one from both sides of their families and another one who was conceived by his mother, she also has another older child who seems to be trying very hard to get back together with his father before the baby comes due in April. There is an element of guilt that often accompanies these types of relationships and I think this will come with time and she’ll become more aware of what other people want from her and how to meet that need and expectation. My character Tella finds herself caught between needing to be perfect and wanting so badly to be loved and wanted. We can see here that she feels like she is being pushed to make up the negative aspects of her family life when she finally gets to move out and try and find herself again. She sees everything as a competition to get a man or a boy to love her and I think she might even feel the same way towards her children. If we take away the idea of perfection then we can see that she can’t cope with anyone else wanting to be near her or wanting her attention and sometimes it can even be a bit sad that the person she’s most struggling to impress can’t live up to the expectations she set for herself. Because of this I think she thinks maybe she could do better by making a conscious effort to show others a little less love. Maybe she tries to become overly dramatic in front of the family and makes a point of showing everyone she thinks she knows how much love they have for her and how wonderful she is to have around but in reality she isn’t really happy just because other people think she is beautiful or something. Overall her personality is pretty messed up. To be honest we aren’t used to seeing someone a whole lot like Tella but to me she seems a little off the rails and it wouldn’t be nice to see her so sad and depressed, especially at a time like this. She also feels a great amount of anxiety whenever she is around certain people because of the potential risks. This makes her quite anxious about people touching and being near her. And this is a reason why when her friends come round she likes to run out of the house and pretend that someone is still at home before entering. But I’ve found that she does have moments when she’ll panic to the point of crying because of the way she’s feeling and if I get her any more involved with those feelings I think she’ll start to cry like hell. But again because of Tella’s personality I would like to see more positive energy in her. Like the more excited she appears when she walks past the kitchen, the times she goes round the bedroom, the quick smile she gives everyone, etc. These aspects would make her feel happier and more content with herself which ultimately can help alleviate any sense of self-consciousness she may be feeling. Also this could help her to feel more confident in herself, feel like she can really be herself and not let any of the past happen to her. It could help her to stop worrying about what other people think of her and how often other people want to take advantage of or exploit her. And by doing all this this can hopefully lead to a real change in her attitude towards life and herself and be able to experience happiness for herself again. So that’s it for me but it’s such a short story it’s very easy to read and understand so if anybody can get me a few sentences or ideas please get in touch with me!

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