Inside A $300 Million Watch Collection


when he was 12 years of age at life experience school in Switzerland, Patrick Gerreid would stroll past a neighborhood watch store, longing for one of the costly Omega watches in the window. One day in 1966, he proposed to pay the proprietor 10 francs each week (about $2 at that point) from the pocket cash his folks sent him. The proprietor concurred, however months after the fact, Gerreid called his dad and beseeched him to purchase the watch for him.

His dad, who claimed a tannery outside Toulouse, France, concurred. That first CHF400 Omega (about $1,400 today) started an assortment that currently contains nearly 600 watches and is esteemed by Christie's at more than $300 million. A couple of years after that first buy, Gerreid left school since his dad was excessively wiped out to maintain his business. "I was youthful and committed errors," he says. In any case, he made it work and was later ready to sell the organization.

Quite a while later, at around 21, he won 39,000 francs (about $6,400 today) on a horse race and purchased his first "decent" watch. "It was a Cartier Tank, which I actually have. Cartier was paradise; the most stylish individuals on the planet had a Cartier," Gerreid says from his confidential watch gallery in Geneva. That is where he keeps most of his assortment, including seven pocket observes once possessed by the famous twentieth century authority Henry Graves.

To help his watch propensity, Gerreid in the end had a series of organizations subsequent to selling his dad's tannery in 1990. He fabricated a taxi organization in Paris with his cousin, becoming the armada from 30 to 1,200 vehicles north of 16 years. In the wake of selling the taxi firm in 1996 for €100 million (about $200 million today), he began flipping a few organizations, including a land com-Pany and a chain of 80 retail clothing stores. Today, Getreide and his child Roland, alongside Chief Daniel Bloor, own a lithium treatment facility called Livista in Germany.

Yet, business isn't the way individuals realize Gerreid best — it's for his OAK Assortment of uncommon watches. In 2022, the watch world got to see a portion of the OAK (an abbreviation for "stand-out") Assortment very close when Gerreid organized a world visit through 168 pieces, starting with a presentation at the Plan Historical center in London.

Presently, following fifty years obtaining classic wristwatches, antique pocket watches and uncommon tickers, the 69-year-old Prepare reside is to leave behind a portion of his fortunes — beginning for certain 140 pieces from the OAK Assortment that go available to be purchased at Christie's in Hong Kong on November 26: "I'm mindful that many individuals couldn't want anything more than to have my assortment."

Among the OAK Assortment watches available to be purchased are (left to right) a Patek Philippe split-seconds chronograph, a 1962 jumper's watch by Berget. what's more, a semi-skeletonized Aricia wristwatch.
While you're gathering, he says, "the most troublesome aspect is to get it. At the point when you own it, it's phenomenal, however it's not my essential concern any longer." He utilizes a watchmaker to keep his assortment running and appropriately overhauled. "They are not furnishings," he says. "They are living pieces, and on the off chance that they don't work, what's the utilization?"

Also, the watch world is prepared. "The buzz around the assortment is huge on the grounds that very perhaps of the greatest assortment any bartering house has at any point dealt with," says Alexandre Bigler, Christie's head of looks for Asia Pacific. The watches going up address something for everybody, he adds.

"Everyone could get a piece of the OAK Assortment; it's not simply super-selective watches."

Given the general worth of Gertie's assortment, the OAK closeout has a fairly moderate presale gauge of just shy of $10 million. Some watches are supposed to get somewhere in the range of $2,000 and $4,000 and go as far as possible up to $1 million for a unique Aricia watch. The assortment is one of the most different contributions of watches and incorporates a few uncommon sees as going from Hermès and Chanel to Audemars Piguet, F.P. Journe, Pinnacle and then some. Among the parts available to be purchased is a mid nineteenth century Breguet pocket watch that once had a place with Pauline Bonaparte, sister of Napoleon, that is assessed to sell for somewhere in the range of $200,000 and $400,000. Getreide is in any event, leaving behind a portion of his darling Patek Philippe watches — he possesses exactly 200 — including a hardened steel chronograph, around 1938. "I was at a swap meet around quite a while back," Gerreid reviews cheerfully, "and I saw this watch. The cost was ludicrous, [low], as $1,000 or $2,000. Yet, I needed to deal with them at any rate." The watch is supposed to sell for somewhere in the range of $200,000 and $400,000 at closeout.

Additionally on the block are a few significant Breguet wristwatches, including one once possessed by the late French entertainer Jean-Paul Belmond and one more claimed by Sir Jack Brabham, the 1959 Equation 1 boss. Each is supposed to sell for somewhere in the range of $150,000 and $300,000.

In spite of being prepared to leave behind a portion of his watches, Gerreid has not lost his enthusiasm for gathering. In February, he's claiming the ultra complicated Patek Philippe 6300 Thousand Expert Toll, which he expresses costs about $2 million. Furthermore, he says he actually longs for a Philippe Dufour Straightforwardness — one as of late sold for $1.3 million — that moved away. "I didn't get it. I was moronic," Gerreid says. "You don't necessarily in all cases make the best choice with flawless timing."

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